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Sorry I’m late, but time is a social construct or something.

Posted by on September 11, 2017
Great news!  Or, if you're not a fan of pro cycling, news!  Yes, after a lengthy sponsor hunt that included a crowdfunding campaign, Cannondale-Drapac have finally found a new co-sponsor:

Edward Hult, CEO North America at EF Education First commented: “We are honoured to begin working alongside Slipstream Sports, Cannondale, Drapac, and all of the wonderful partners at Slipstream Sports to keep our cyclists riding into 2018 and for years to come.

“We were inspired to step in and become the team’s title partner, and will become majority partner, after learning about the #SaveArgyle campaign and witnessing the incredible outpouring of support from fans around the world.

“We have been moved by the powerful way that cycling unites people of diverse backgrounds in a peaceful, fun, and friendly way to achieve extraordinary athletic feats,” he added.

Hult no doubt also appreciates that pro cycling is a rolling cautionary tale, and that it teaches children how your life can turn out if you don't stay in school:

Of course the big question is: What's going to happen to all that crowdfunding cash?

Regarding the crowdfunding campaign, he said: “Given the feedback we’ve received from our backers, we will be using this money in 2018.

“We’re exploring several different options as to where these funds can best be used to bolster our efforts next season, as well as funding post-career rider education, and we look forward to communicating this with everyone when decisions have been finalised.”

In other words, in the spirit of post-career rider education, Jonathan Vaughters will be keeping the money:

Vaughters's image seems to be slowly morphing from professor to Vegas floor manager.

In more Fredly news, Kayle LeGrande has been caught doping again, which is only worth noting because VeloNews are so smug about it:

How many sock primes would take for you to dope? Would you pop some raloxifene if it meant you’d be ranked top-three in your ZIP code according to USA Cycling? Amateur doping remains one of humanities biggest mysteries — right up there with the Bermuda Triangle.

I don't know, seems to me doping actually works.  What's sillier: that, or buying the ridiculous equipment they're always endorsing?

We've examined the "biomimicry" wheels before, but in case you've forgotten that's $2,200 for the rear wheel and $1,800 for the front, all to harness the speed of a humpback whale, which I'm sure is completely transferrable to a bicycle.

Of course, Freds are not exactly known for their good judgment, which is why they're content to Zwift away in the basement most days but then decide to hit the roads in the middle of hurricane Irma, as you've no doubt seen by now:

Here they are, and one of them even does a nice little bunnyhop at 46 seconds:

I'm assuming they were testing out the aero properties of their new Zipps, though another picture makes it look like they may have been trying to squeeze in an impromptu cyclocross clinic:

I wonder #whatpressureyourunning in a tropical storm.  (I admit I stayed in during Sandy instead of reaping those massive training benefits.)

Either way, at least they were wearing their helmets:

Yeah, that's right:

Ah, helmets: is there anything they can't do?

And finally, speaking of cyclocross, Sven Nys delighted everyone at the Chicago Cross Cup this past weekend:

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