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Hiatus Interruptus #4

Posted by on September 1, 2017
Okay, so come Tuesday I'll finally be firing up this whole bike-blogging media machine again, at which point the whole rickety contraption will start sputtering to life in a cloud of putrid black smoke.  In the meantime, however, here's my latest column for Outside, which is all about why short rides are awesome:

Yes, in case you didn't know, long rides are totally déclassé should be consigned to the recycling bin along with 23mm tires and that hideous Kelme cycling jersey that somehow infiltrated your wardrobe, though I predict they'll mysteriously come back into style just as soon as my children are grown up and out of the house.

Funny how that works.

Oh, and speaking of my Outside column, you'll be pleased to know the trendy gravel tire I purchased in my last one performed admirably on some actual Vermont gravel:


And don't worry, at a tasteful 30-ish miles this particular excursion still qualified as fashionably short.

OK, that's it for me.  I'm off to nurse the last few sips of my vacation, and I'll see you all back here on Tuesday, September 5th, assuming I don't decide to retire between now and then.

Ride safe,

--Wildcat Rock Machine

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