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This Just In: Winter Recess!

Posted by on February 17, 2017

(We're gonna need a bigger monument.)

As you know by now, as a curator of human children I am at the mercy of the schedule of the New York City Department of Education, at least until such time as: A) My human children finish or leave school and start earning their goddamn keep; or II) Betsy DeVos abolishes the public school system and instead provides families with vouchers that are redeemable at Chuck E. Cheese's:

The point is it's winter recess for the school kids next week:

(Mmmm...winter Reese's.)

Which means I'll be taking leave of this blog in order to "parent."  Unless something really exciting happens before then I'll be back on Monday, February 27th, at which point I will resume regular updates.  So mark your calendars...

...with blood.

In other news, Freds of New York rejoice!  The George Washington Bridge restoration will now include additional improvements to the bike and pedestrian path:

The authority announced and approved a new proposal on Thursday to extend the narrow sidewalk as it winds around the bridge’s two towers. The “wedges,” as they’re called, will allow for cyclists to navigate the towers comfortably, without dismounting from their bikes, according to the Port Authority.

The agency added the plans to the project after receiving feedback from the cycling community. The George Washington Bridge rehabilitation already includes designs to improve cycling and pedestrian access to the bridge. Narrow staircases leading to the bridge will be replaced with ADA-compliant ramps. And the existing access ramps will be widened and redesigned with gentler curves.

Now all the Port Authority needs to do is implement an aerobar ban and we'll really be getting somewhere.  After all, if you can't use them in a mass-start event why should you be able to use them out on the open road?

I'm sure the triathlete community would fight this bitterly, but hopefully in the end we can settle and allow aerobars for Jersey-bound trips but ban them for New York-bound trips.

And if you don't like my travel ban I'LL SEE YOU IN COURT.

Speaking of justice, what's the greatest offense you can possibly commit here in the United States of Canada's FUPA?  Why, impeding the flow of motor vehicle traffic, of course:

A Michigan State Trooper ticketed a bicyclist for allegedly impeding traffic. The bicyclist fought the ticket with the help of Bike Law attorney Bryan Waldman. The bicyclist prevailed at Circuit Court.

This is not a recent video, but it's the first time I've seen it, and it's worth watching because as an American cyclist it's important to know where you stand.  ("In the way," according to pretty much everybody.)

Lastly, further to yesterday's post there was some spirited (tedious?) discussion about lighting, and as it happens it looks like the NYPD was cracking down on lightless riding last week:
Something tells me they weren't checking for shaped beams.

And with that, I'm outta here.  Thanks for reading, ride safe, and I'll see you back here on Monday, February 27th.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

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