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This Just In: I Made a New Book!

Posted by on March 3, 2016
Day after day I selflessly blog for your reading enjoyment, but today's post is all about me, so deal with it.


Specifically, I'm officially announcing that my new book will come out on May 3rd, 2016:

Not only does this book contain thousands upon thousands of exquisite hand-curated words painstakingly chosen by me, the undisputed world's greatest bike blogger in the world, but it is also illustrated by a professional.  This means it looks great, unlike my stupid blog:

You can of course find out more about the book on the publisher's website, but if you'd like some more insight here's how I formally pitched it:

The ULTIMATE BICYCLE OWNER'S MANUAL will approach cycling as a cultural phenomenon and a way of life, not just a sport or a hobby.  This will be the book you wish came with every bike sold.  Equal parts reverence and entertainment,  it will make sense of cycling as it exists today--a bewildering assortment of young people, older people, men, women, children, roadies, mountain bikers, racers, tourists, commuters, hipsters, activists and apathetic hedonists, and so on, all with their own unique set of tastes and circumstances, but all united by their undying love of the bike.

All humility aside, I'm pleased to report I totally pulled it off.  Racing, commuting, bike shops, #whatpressureyourunning, cycling with children, how the auto industry stole the roads from'll find all of it and more in here, and you'll have fun reading it too.  And while I'm not going to put you to sleep with step-by-step instructions on how to overhaul your hub, I will explain why helmet laws are stupid.  (You'll also want to give this book to that friend, neighbor, or co-worker who's always asking, "Hey, you bike a lot, what kind of bike should I get?")

Just don't try to read it while you're riding, or you'll almost certainly crash.

While the book will not be in stores until May 3rd, rather than wait until then you can pre-order it now from your favorite retailers, and I hope that you will:

Pre-order from Amazon

Pre-order from B&N

Pre-order from IndieBound

Also, we're planning some fun events around publication time (I'd also like to put together another Gran Fondon't around then), but in the meantime for any publicity-related requests or inquiries please contact Kara Thornton at Hachette Books | Black Dog & Leventhal using the following email address:

kara.thornton [at] hbgusa [dot] com

I think that about covers it for now.  Thank you very much for your readership over the years, and please excuse my occasional self-promotional shouts of "Holdja Line!" in the coming weeks as I sprint towards the publication of my fourth (!) book.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

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