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Jobst Brandt R.I.P.

I just learned that the legendary Jobst Brandt succumbed yesterday at age 80 after a long struggle with his deteriorating health. We weren’t friends, but I’d run into Jobst in his blue jersey (polypro, not wool) and his freakishly large bike (custom made Tom Ritchey 10-speed, six-speed cogs are too prone to failure, painted yellow read more » Continue reading »

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Jim Oberstar RIP

Long time politician, avid cyclist and bike advocate Jim Oberstar passed in his sleep early Saturday morning, May 3, 2014. He was 79 years old. From my friend and long time bike advocate Buzz Feldman of Longmont, Colorado. The American cycling community lost a long time friend and the greatest advocate for improving bicycling in read more »

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John Pickens RIP

ARPANET architect John Pickens who worked for Cisco as a distinguished engineer killed while road cycling on Niles Canyon Road north of Fremont, California. I can’t tell from the news report if this is a SWSS or an honest-to-goodness solo crash. Condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. We also lost a road cyclist in read more »

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Tony Scott rode a bicycle

Ridley Scott’s first film “Boy and Bicycle” featured his younger brother Tony as the boy.

You can see the younger Scott on a bicycle beginning about 4 minutes into this video.

RIP film maker Tony Scott, with condolences to his f… Continue reading »

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Andy Griffith run down by scofflaw cyclist

RIP to Mr Andy Griffith, who passed early this morning at his home in North Carolina. Barney Fife lays out chapter and verse of the Mayberry municipal code that prohibits bike riding on the sidewalk. When the smug, self important cyclist immediately jumps back onto the sidewalk, he nearly runs into Andy Griffith himself. The read more » Continue reading »

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Ken Russell: Knights on Bikes

One of British film maker Ken Russell’s first films as an amateur was this incomplete, five minute “Knights On Bikes,” which features Russell dressed up as a night trying to rescue a damsel in distress. Unfortunately, he crashes his old timey pedal velocipede, and the story ends with the Knight hobbling down the road. Russell read more »

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