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Sea Otter

Fatbikes at Sea Otter 2013

I saw a couple of new fat tire bikes at the Sea Otter expo in Monterey, California last weekend. The first was the “Fatty” from British bike company Planet X / On One. The complete 1×10 bike equipped with SRAM X5, Avid Elixir disc brakes, CNC hubs, On One “fatty” wheels with On One branded read more »

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Don’t Door Me

Seen at the Sea Otter Festival… I’m a little handicapped because I lost my laptop computer power supply, so I’m limited to what I can upload and post via my phone As before, I’m the guy biking to the Sea Otter festival pulling a trailer behind me up A Road from Highway 68. “Up” is read more »

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Win a Diamondback Podium 7 Campy-equipped road bike

Diamondback is giving five of these bad boys away. To enter, visit the Diamondback booth at the Sea Otter Classic today through Sunday. The Podium 7 is Diamondback’s high end race ready bike. This giveaway comes equipped with Campagnolo 80th Anniversary groups, HED wheels, and white bar tape for the ultimate Pro look. It’s a read more »

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Raleigh Tripper (featuring the ‘shopped disembodied hand)

Raleigh showed off their new “Tripper” urban bike at Sea Otter last weekend. Mitch’s disembodied hand does not come with the bike. The Tripper uses same CrMo steel frame used on Raleigh’s Roper and Furley cyclocross bikes. Eccentric bottom bracket and disc tabs gives Raleigh the design flexibility to spec this bike as a 3 read more »
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A New Car! for People for Bikes

Last January Volkswagen announced a two-year partnership with the Bikes Belong Foundation and People for Bikes (PFB), which means PFB now has a shiny new car to show off at their bike show booth, where staffers ask people to sign their petition asking legislators for more bike facility funding. Cool, huh? Volkswagen’s funding of People read more »
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The Big Blue Board Bicycle

Larry Banuelo builds these amazing kinetic sculptures with wood in San Jose, California. I saw Larry last month in Sacramento but was on my way to catch a train so I didn’t get his name then, so I was glad to run into him again at the 2012 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey (again, just read more » Continue reading »

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2012 Sea Otter Race Face

During the 120 minute Men’s Pro/Cat 1/2 circuit race on Sunday. Watch for race results at Sea Otter Classic.

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Volagi: Now in Steel

Remember those Silicon Valley bicycle upstarts who got sued by Specialized in San Jose? They have “the will to go” and you can test ride their bikes at the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey this weekend. You’ve already read about their LongBow Flex Suspension on their carbon fiber Liscio road bike. The “seat stays” don’t read more »
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The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” — Genesis 2:18 / NIV.
As seen at the Sea Otter Classic 2012 in Monterey, California USA.

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Robert Egger’s shelf shuttling hybrid bike

Behold another crazy Robert Egger special from the Specialized bike designer. Robert Egger is a designer at Specialized known for his off-the-wall design ideas. This bike is his “self shuttling downhill” bike. There’s a nominally 49cc engine (to stay under California registration and license requirements) that Egger has bored out to 63cc. That motor putt read more » Continue reading »

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