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Today I Learned about “Watching Eyes” and bike theft

Yesterday’s episode of Sci Show Psych with Hank Green discussed the Watching Eyes Effect, in which people act differently when there’s a picture of eyes in plain view. Hank caught my attention when he mentioned that pictures of eyes result in things like fewer bike thefts. Hello! I immediately thought that we can post photos read more » Continue reading »

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George Orwell on traffic safety, 1946

In November, 1943, George Orwell joined the staff of Tribute magazine as literary editor, where he contributed a a series of columns under the title “As I Please.” For the November 8, 1946 edition, he tackled American fashion magazines (“The magazine consists entirely of pictures of ball dresses, mink coats, step-ins, panties, brassieres, silk stockings read more » Continue reading »

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A Chinese dissident artist in London

After four years of house arrest and an international travel ban, the People’s Republic of Chinese unexpectedly returned the passport of Ai Weiwei, giving the internationally renowned artist the opportunity to visit a show featuring his sculptures at London’s Royal Academy of Arts this week. He’s shown here with his “Forever” sculpture built from hundreds read more » Continue reading »

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VV Profile: Caz Nicklin, Author of The Girl’s Bicycle Handbook

Name: Caz Nicklin Occupation: Founder of and author of The Girls’ Bicycle Handbook Raison d’etre: Promoting cycling as a desirable, accessible lifestyle choice. Hometown: Yorkshire, England Current city: London, England Favorite city to ride a bike in in the world: Has to be London but San Francisco comes a close second. Type of bike: I currently ride a Bisou from Tokyobike Describe what you like best about your bike: It’s light and streamlined and feels great to ride and it’s also easy to carry and store inside. It has a steel frame so is strong enough to take my 5 year-old daughter on the back and all our stuff in a basket on the front. It also has swept back handlebars which gives it both a traditional feel and more relaxed riding position. It’s the ideal bike for me at the moment – nippy but strong. Describe your personal style: Come summer I’m all about floaty floral dresses – they look and feel so good to cycle in. Spring and Autumn my Harris tweed riding jacket comes out teamed with skinny jeans and brogues for a more vintage look. Helmet or no helmet: Helmet. I don’t believe a helmet is a magic weapon against all injury but, personally, wearing one make me feel more confident when cycling amongst traffic. I always wear my trusty Bern Lenox in Cranberry – Bern helmets were the first product I ever sold when I started my business and we now have the Lenox helmet in Cranberry colour made exclusively for Cyclechic and it is our best-selling product! Favorite accessory when riding: Second to my helmet I would have to say my pannier. I am currently sporting a summery Basil Bloom Shopper. It either goes on my rack or in my basket and is great for both work and shopping. I also love my Michaux Lightening rucksack, made here in London by a local designer, Rachel Bonney – it’s so elegant. Favorite time and/or place to ride: First thing in the morning (after a cup of tea, of course) getting up and out on the bike is a great way to start the day and puts me in an optimistic frame of mind. My fave place has to be the backstreets of West London. Tell me about your new book The Girl’s Bicycle Handbook: The Girls Bicycle Handbook is a practical guide for women who want to incorporate cycling into their lives but have questions about how to do it? Advice ranges from; buying a bike, bike maintenance, road safety, accessories, cycling to work and of course cycling in style. The book also celebrates the cycling community with profiles on inspirational bloggers, businesswomen and wonderful female figures from cycling’s past. What inspired you to write the book? When I first came to cycling as an adult I had tonnes of enthusiasm but no experience so was hungry for advice and info. However most of the advice seemed either sport related or totally outdated and was more of a turn off than encouragement. I wanted to changes that and write a book that would was both pretty to look at but also packed full of useful, relevant advice to really help modern women start cycling and stay cycling. What will women learn from reading your book? Everything from how to fix an puncture to how to combat helmet hair to what to wear and what to eat for breakfast… Where can women buy your book? From our website but cheapest and fastest option for US customers is Amazon How does the book further your vision for My vision for Cyclechic – both the shop and the blog – is to promote cycling as a desirable lifestyle choice to encourage more women to take to two wheels so the book is perfect extension of this mantra. I hope the book will invite women into cycling and give them advice that will make their life by bike easier and more fulfilling. Vélo Vogue tip of the day: Go for loose fitting dresses that come to around the knee when the hot weather kicks in. They are the comfiest and coolest cycling attire as they let the air circulate and you will look fabulously feminine as you cycle by. Photos provided by Caz Nicklin Continue reading »

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Sherlock Holmes: another bike mystery

The Victorian Era was a time of rapid change in industry, technology and transportation for the British Empire and some of her former colonies. Rail transportation and steam ships made the world smaller, and the bicycle craze of the 1890s changed urban transportation and recreation. Last February, we talked about Sherlock Holmes and his Adventure read more »

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Katie Price rides a bicycle

English media personality Katie Price participates in the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief cycle challenge at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on March 23, 2014 in London, England with Dermont Murnaghan and Steve Backshall.

Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty… Continue reading »

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Steve Backshall rides a bicycle

British naturalist Stephen Backshall arrives at the starting line of the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief cycle challenge at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on March 23, 2014 in London, England.

(Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

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Victorian Lady Scorchers of London

From A Looker-On in London by Mary H. Krout, 1899:

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Dickens’s Dictiontary of London: BICYCLING

For a taste of Victorian London, see this entry for “BICYCLING” from Dickens’s Dictionary of London: An Unconventional Guide, 1888 by Charles Dickens. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Bicycling, the youngest of the athletic sports which occupy so much of the time and thoughts of junior London, has assumed, in read more »

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Le jour de gloire est arrivé!

Busting out an oldie but goodie from two years ago. It’s Euro Championship time, and the fever is rising. In just one hour France will take on England in a historic match, wearing their new Gaultieresque uniforms. Who will claim victory? I can’t cont… Continue reading »

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