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Tweed Rides and Runs

The Tweed Ride Report Calendar 2015

The Tweed Ride Report – 2015

Copyright ©2009 – 2015 The Tweed Ride Report



 2015 Tweed Rides 


Tweed Ride Manchester, UK – July 5 


Retro GPCC Tweed Ride Valladolid, ES –  Jul 19


The Big Vintage Ride, Birmingham UK – July 19


Tweed Ride Vienna Tour & Party – July 25


Picnic Ride (Nothingham Classic) Newstead, UK -Jul 26


Rio Tweed Ride  – July 26


Seersucker Ride Naperville, Il – July 26


Danish Riviera Classico, DK – Aug 2


Tweed Ride Victoria, BC – Aug 8


Harris Tweed Ride Glasgow – Aug 30


Velo Vintage Rides, Exeter-Devon, UK
Jun 13 – Sep 26 – Dec 5 


Tweed & Tea Ride Bexhill, UK – Sept 5


Tweed Ride Malmö – Sept 7


SteamPunk Festival Ride, Eastbourne UK – Sept 12


Historic Cycles Day West Sussex, UK – Sept 13


Tweed Retro Ride (Achielle) Pittem, BE – Sept 13


Tweed Ride Winnipeg, MB – Sept 13


Tweed Ride Stockholm, SE – Sept 19


Tweed Ride Vancouver – Sept 20


Tweed Ride Berlin, DE – Sept 20


Tweed Ride (La Belle Epoque) Rome IT – Oct 10


Tweed Ride Quad-Cities, IA – Oct 24


This is  The Tweed Ride (Report) Community’s   Calendar of rides presented here on RidingPretty’s blog. If you would like to have your Tweed Ride, Tweed Run, Vintage Themed Ride or Seersucker Social Ride added to this report please contact me or go to FaceBook to join in our community and post your ride with The Tweed Ride (Report) Community. Please be sure to include your ride poster, invite or image with all the ride details plus where you want it to link back to. Thanks! Copyright ©2009 – 2015 The Tweed Ride Report

2014 The Tweed Ride Report Calendar is archived here. 

Join US! —  The Tweed Ride (Report) Community


Past 2015 Rides 


Tweed Run Liverpool, UK – Jun 28


Fabulous Lady’s Ride Portland, OR – Jun 24

 Seersucker Ride (BLRC) –  Buffalo, NY – Jun 21

 Velo Aggo Retro Ride Laval, FR – Jun 21


 Eroica Britannia, UK – Jun 19 to 21


Velo Vintage Ride UK – June 13


Tweed Picnic Budapest – June 13 

 Seersucker Social Washington D.C. – June 13


Tweed Ride Manchester (Albert SQ) – June 10


Beret Baguette Ride San-Francisco – June 7

Vintage and Classic Ride Dawlish, UK – May 31

 Swing & Ride Tallinn, Estonia – May 30


Tweed and Retro Ride Lewes, UK – May 30


Tweed Ride Reykjavik, IS  – May 30


Tweed Ride Italia, Pescara, IT – May 24

 Tweed Ride Calgary, AB  – May 18


Tweed Run Graz, AT  – May 17


Tweed Ride Rutherglen, AU – May 16


Tweed Ride Bekasi, ID – May 16

 Tweed Ride Portsmouth, NH – May 16

 Tweed Ride Northhampton, MA  – May 10


Tweed Ride Madrid, ES  – May 10


Tweed Ride Utrecht, NL – May 10

 Hastings Fish & Chips Ride Bexhill, UK – May 10

 Tweed Ride Windsor, ON  May 9 


Tweed Ride Chico, CA – May 3 


Tweed Ride Chieti, IT – May 2

Tweed Ride Oldenburg, DE – May 3

 Tweed Run Tochigi, JP – Apr 29


Tour de Derby Louisville, KY – Apr 26


Cycling in Style- Vintage Ride, Leicester, UK – Apr 26


Tweed Ride Sacramento, CA  – Apr 26


Tweed Ride Boston – Apr 26

 Vienna Tweed Ride (Get YourTweedTunes) – Apr 26


Tweed Ride Cleveland, OH – Apr 25


Tweed Ride Traverse City, MN – Apr 25

 Elegant Ride Sofia, BG – Apr – 19 

Tweed Ride Florence, IT – Apr 19


14th Liverpolitan Tweed Run – Apr 19

 Tweed Ride Gütersloh, DE – Apr 19


Tweed Run London, UK – Apr 18


Tweed Brunch Ride Milan, IT – Apr 18

 Tweed Ride Portland, OR – Apr 12

 Tweed Run Budapest, HU – Apr 11


Velo Vintage Rides, Exeter-Devon, UKApr 11

 Tweed Ride Newport Pagnell, UK – Apr 6

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK – Apr 5


Tweed Run Spetses, GR – Mar 28 – 29


Tweed Ride Tempe, AZ  – Mar 28


Classic Bicycle Club Ride Miguelturra, ES – Mar 22


Tweed Ride Buffalo (BLRC), NY – Mar 22


Tweed Ride Louisville, KY – Mar 14


Tweed Ride Fort Worth, TX – Mar 8

Tweed Ride Los Angeles – Mar 1 
(no official poster invite)


Tweed Ride (Bad Ass) Walla Walla, WA – Mar 1


Tweed Ride St. Petersburg, FL  – Feb 28


Tweed Ride Hawaii – Feb 21

 Tweed Ride Jakarta – Feb 15

 Bici Picnic San Valentin – Feb 15

 Tweed Run Helsinki, FI – Feb 15


Tweed Ride Savannah, GA – Feb 14


Vintage Carnivale Francacvilla al Mare, IT – Feb 8


Tweed Run Maßabend, DE – Feb 12


The Coffee Roaster Ride, Nottingham,UK – Feb 7

Tweed Ride Manchester, UK – Jan 4

Tweed Ride Rio –  Jan 11


Tweed Ride Houston, TX – Jan 17 


Tweed Run St. Petersburg, RU – Jan 24 

 Tweed Ride Hong Kong – Jan 25


Bici Picinic, Madrid SP –  Jan 18
(Monthly Event) 

Classic Cycle Group Ride-Bexhill Wheelers, Bexhill, UK – Jan 27
(Monthly Ride, no poster)


Tweed Ride Mobile, AL – Jan 31


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Let others know where to find Tweed Rides and  help spread the word:

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Fall 2012 Updates to The Tweed Ride Report

The Tweed Ride Report has been updated with lots of new Events for Fall 2012:

The Tweed Ride Report by RidingPretty

Tweed Run Santander Spain Sept 8
Tweed Ride Winnipeg CA Sept 9
SeerSucker Social Atlanta Sept 9
Tweed Ride Vienna Sept 14
Tweed Day Berlin Sept 23
Harris Tweed Ride Glasgow Sept 23
Tweed Ride Copenhagen Sept 29
Tweed Run Liverpolitan Sept 30
Tweed Ride Odense DK Oct 6
Tweed Run Milwaukee Oct 6
Tweed Ride Indianapolis Oct 27

More Rides Coming this Fall
Tweed Run Moscow – Late Sept
Tweed Run Singapore – Fall 2012

See the invites & posters, updates and all link details for these rides listed in THE TWEED RIDE REPORT itself.

As a note: I will continue to post the invites & posters for these Rides as you send them in.
Thanks to all of you who sent me emails or joined The Tweed Ride (Report) Community on FB to let me know about your ride. It sure helps! 

“Do you have any comments, anything you’d like to say about this post?” – @RidingPretty / blog post shortcut is: 

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New Updates to The Tweed Ride Report

More TWEED RIDES & TWEED RUNS than ever are popping up!

The Tweed Ride Report by RidingPretty

Tweed Run Helsinki – Feb 4
Tweed Ride Tempe AZ – Feb 11
Tweed Ride Raleigh NC – Mar 3
Tweed Ride Jacksonville FL – Mar 4
Tweed Run Oldenburger DE – Apr 15

Since the last update to The Tweed Ride Report I am pleased to announce that 5 more rides have been added. There are plenty more to come. Some of these rides are brand new inaugural rides, while others are on to their 2nd and 3rd year!

As a note:
I will continue to post the invites & posters for these Rides as I receive them. You will be able to find those invites & posters, updates and details in THE TWEED RIDE REPORT.

**If you’ve landed on this post for the first time, do check back! Find the new upcoming rides for the current month you’re in by going to either The Tweed Ride Report or look for it in the current month’s ride lists post. Or see dates and locations right here on the main page — right over there on the sidebar listings.

I tweet updates regularly now. I will be checking for any updates you may tweet there as well. Simpler yet, just follow me on twitter where I’ve been happily tweeting new Tweed Ride & Tweed Run updates plus tweeting timely reminders for these rides.

Check these hash tags on twitter : #thetweedridereport — #tweedride — #tweedrun

**FB is another place I try to do Tweed Ride & Tweed Run updates as well.

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Mobile Tweed Ride Video

Kicking off the New Year — Mobile Alabama

2012’s first Tweed Ride video from Mobile Alabama!


p.s. If you’re looking for a Tweed Ride to join check The Tweed Ride Report for any rides that might be in your area.

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2012 Tweed Rides & Runs — Updates to The Tweed Ride Report

TWEED RIDES & TWEED RUNS – New for 2012 New Tweed Rides Runs Coming in 2012!Tweed Ride Cardiff UK – Jan 2Tweed Ride Mobile AL – Jan 14Cozy Hearth Tweed Ride – Chicago Feb 4Tweed Ride Kansas City – Apr 142012 promises to be another incredible year… Continue reading »

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Sacramento to London – Bicycles, Tweed — Video!

What do London and Sacramento have in common?
Bicycle, Bicycle I want to ride my Bicycle…

The first video was posted by the Sacramento Tweed or SactoTweed. A day or so later along comes the second video — the London Tweed.

Both videos feature lovely musical accompaniment respective for each ride…



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London Tweed (Appetizer) Video

The start of the Run captured on video and posted just moments ago…

Don’t you love it! It’s only begun — people are still on their bicycles riding – tea stop, prizes, parties and more still await everyone as the day progresses. There is sure to be mucho, many more videos, along with top notch, fine photography work documenting today’s event. You’d expect that to happen coming from the birthplace of the original first Tweed Run that began it all...


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Vintage Tweed Cape, Rain, My Bicycle & Yet Another Tweed Outfit

Rainy Day on Thanksgiving…

Tweed Cape Rainy Bicycle Day via instagram by RidingPretty
Vintage Tweed Cape Bicycle Inspiration in Rain by RidingPretty

Despite the rain bursts out of nowhere I managed to stay very cozy and dry – and I owe it to my my vintage tweed cape. My bicycle is another story. Rain and my vintage DL-1 Raleigh do not fare so well together. It is because of the rod brakes – they don’t handle safely. This equals to a Mad Dash and jumping over rain puddles.

This outfit would be so ideal for a Tweed Run — Is anyone still looking for inspiration to put something together for one of the remaining Tweed Rides or Runs coming up this weekend?
This outfit was rather unexpected, but worked perfectly for me!

I still have more tweed outfits I am hoping to share, I’m Tweed obsessed I guess!

p.s. Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving everyone!

Vintage Tweed Ride Cape Outfit by RidingPretty

50s Style Tweed Cape — vintage
Black & Gray Rose Dress — Lapis (several years ago)

Cardigan sweater — (I’ve had it forever, the label is long gone)
Vintage Satchel (makes for a great iPad bag!) — Longchamp
Loafer Pumps — Franco Sarto (several years ago)
Leather gloves — no label
Vintage Bicycle — Raleigh DL-1
ShopThrifted Code: here

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Winding Down Now

Five events are lined up for this week alone! The 2011 season is basically winding down after this week. Really, it’s been a particularly spectacular fall!

Fremantle AU Tweed Run – Nov 26
Toowoomba AU Tweed Run – Nov 26
London Tweed Run – Nov 26
Fresno Tweed Ride – Nov 26
Melbourne Tweed Ride – Nov 27

#tweedride #tweedrun #thetweedridereport

Details as always are in The Tweed Ride Report


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Tweed Video Treat!

New Video — DC Tweed Ride 2011

USA Capitol Tweed Ride — this is the 3rd Annual Tweed Ride in DC. As usual this event continues to be simply inspiring!

The Ladies and Gents have really gotten the vintage look down — so well expressed in the choice of riding attire, bicycles finished out with just the right accessories (lots of Brooks saddles, wrapped handlebars, classy wine crate boxes seem to becoming practically de rigueur) oh, and their spiffy presence and attitude!



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