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CHP dispatch logs and cop jargon

I maintain a few maps that show California Highway Patrol dispatch activity. My Highway 17 tracking map got super popular this week, and a few people have asked how to decode the CHP jargon. Let’s start with an example: Sr17 S / Sr9 E Ofr, San Jose FSP: State Route 17 (i.e. Highway 17) soutbound, read more » Continue reading »

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Strava labs KOM maps

A few days ago, Tom in Brazil told me about Strava Labs new KOM map tool. You can look at a map of the segments for which you own the KOM and QOM. “Segments” are user-defined routes in Strava by which Strava users can compare themselves against other riders who bike the same route. Whoever read more » Continue reading »

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Credit where it’s due

This amazing bit of bicycle Strava art has been making the rounds on various social media all day. Bret “Ride All the Roads” Lobree and Chris “Strava Art” Phipps pointed me to David Taylor’s Strava page where this ride was recorded. That’s 210 miles / 340 km for Strava Art. Go there and give the read more » Continue reading »

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Elevation profile on Google bike directions

Check it out: Google Maps has added an elevation profile to their bicycle directions. The directions also tell you how much elevation you’ll gain and lose on the selected route. My bike directions map mashup does the same thing, except it doesn’t work anymore. It looks like the Mapquest part of it is completely broken read more »

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Where do cyclists shop?

I was playing around with Strava’s Global Heat Map, which plots the entire Strava dataset onto a map to show where people ride. I zoomed into my town and discovered it’s easy to see where cyclists congregate. I’ve labeled the larger red clusters. “Old Bike SHop” shows the old location of my local bike shop read more »

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Strava KOMs in the Himalayas

Have you ever explored Strava segments outside of the areas you normally ride? Last night I wondered, “Are there any KOMs in the Himalayas?” The answer: Of course there are: On Strava, I went to the “Segment Explore” page, typed in Nepal, and boom. Check out some of those segments: 31.4% grade for 2.9 miles read more »

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Schematic bike maps?

Ever since Harry Beck designed his iconic schematic map of the London Underground in 1933, other transit agencies have followed suit with their own abstract maps. Transit routes are shown as color-coded straight lines with sharp turns. Stops are equidistant, and the physical geography is omitted. Navigating Tokyo’s rail transit was easy for me as read more »

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Trail API from

The folks at have exposed their trail data via a public JSON API so you can create your own trail data mashups. I wish I had some time to play with this and describe its usage, but I don’t so I’ll just repeat part of the announcement for now: A few months back we read more »

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Big map shows bike share systems worldwide

Behold the United States of bike sharing! Bike symbols are active bike share programs, question marks are planned or proposed systems, and red triangles are defunct bike share systems. View The Bike-sharing World Map in a larger map Compare this US map heavy with question marks with the international map which is crowded with active read more »

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Google bike directions coming soon to UK?

I’ve noticed that the Google Maps team has been quietly building up their database of cycle tracks, cycle lanes and bike routes throughout the United Kingdom. Google is now augmenting that with a complete map of British Waterways’ bridges, locks and 2,000 miles of towpaths. Though you won’t find an option to show bicycle facilities read more »
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