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Author Archives: Richard Masoner

Santa Cruz Active Transportation Plan outreach

The city of Santa Cruz invites the public to participate in workshops to develop a new Active Transportation Plan. Development of this plan will prioritize active transportation and help the city win funding grants from outside sources to pay for this stuff. What is active transportation? Active transportation is mobility beyond walking from the couch read more » Continue reading »

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San Jose: Last chance for the west bank gravel trap

Those who ride the Guadalupe River Trail north of downtown San Jose, CA likely have at least tried the short stretch of gravel on the west bank side of the trail between Julian Street and Coleman Avenue where the trail crosses the Union Pacific railroad tracks. Love it or hate it, this stretch will be read more » Continue reading »

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A bike train for the Silicon Valley Bike Summit

The 5th Annual Silicon Valley Bike Summit takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26 2015 in Palo Alto, CA beginning at 9 AM. The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition will lead a Bike Pool from the California Avenue Caltrain station at 8:35 AM. I’ll join this ride and post the real-time location to Glympse/!SanJoseBikeTrain so you can read more » Continue reading »

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What’s in your bicycle plan?

Somebody in an online forum was invited to participate in a stakeholder group to develop a new bike plan for his city. I have other things going on today so this will be a cut-and-paste quicky as I copy elements from the municipal code from the city of Longmont, Colorado, which came about from its read more » Continue reading »

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Creek trail litter anticipated six years ago

Stanley Roberts of KRON brings his camera to the South Bay, where he finds evidence of People Behaving Badly as they litter the San Tomas Aquino Trail adjacent to Levi’s Stadium in the city of Santa Clara, CA. This trail litter was anticipated six years ago during the environmental review process. The Santa Clara Valley read more » Continue reading »

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Locker room shower etiquette?

I was showering in the locker room at my office the other week when I hear the guy in the next stall over hack what sounded like a huge loogie. After my neighbor loudly cleared another lung booger, I let him know how I felt about his rudeness. “That’s so freakin’ gross, man!” After a read more » Continue reading »

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San Jose Bike Train tomorrow, and a roundup

Welcome to that time of year when back-to-school traffic picks up. You can beat that traffic on Highway 87 and North First Street by riding with San Jose Bike Train Wednesday morning, August 19. We depart Diridon Station in San Jose at 8 AM for destinations north along the Guadalupe River Trail. More bikey and read more » Continue reading »

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Haze and heat, and a bike train

It’s not the heat that gets you; it’s the haze. Here’s why I didn’t ride this past weekend. Smoke from Northern California fires blow hundreds of miles down the coast and into Bay Area. This smoke conspires with high ground-level ozone to create a nasty soup that’s difficult to breath for what the Bay Area read more » Continue reading »

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What is a Mobility Plan, and how can you influence its outcome?

Several people have been talking about the dramatic shifts in transportation policy highlighted in the new Mobility Plan approved yesterday by the Los Angeles City Council. This Mobility Plan, which is an element of the city General Plan, is the official transportation policy for the city of Los Angeles. All California cities and counties are read more » Continue reading »

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Los Gatos businesses complain about too much traffic

I was just riding along the other weekend in Los Gatos, CA when I noticed “no right turn” signs at Massol and Tait Avenues from Highway 9. I’ve heard that the town of Los Gatos now has signs at all of the town entries to discourage cut-through traffic. Los Gatos in the foothills of the read more » Continue reading »

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