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Author Archives: Richard Masoner

California Governor to handicapped: “Get a car, you moron”

Governor Jerry Brown issued his final legislative update for the 2014 season. Everything related to cyclist and pedestrian safety was vetoed. After Brown vetoed Eric Linder’s AB 2337 to increase license suspensions for convicted hit-and-run drivers, pedestrian and cycling safety advocates around the state urged Brown to sign the remain three hit-and-run bills on his read more » Continue reading »

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Levi’s stadium community meeting

Levi’s Stadium, the Santa Clara Police Department and VTA will hold a community meeting next Tuesday. To promote a comment Continue reading »

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San Jose sidewalk riding on committee agenda next Monday

Remember: San Jose Bike Train rolls 8 AM from San Jose Diridon Station. We ride from Diridon to the Guadalupe River Trail for destinations in the north part of San Jose and Santa Clara. San Jose DOT has updated their report and proposal for sidewalk cycling rules in downtown San Jose for presentation at the read more » Continue reading »

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San Jose: More people counted on city trails

The city of San Jose Trails Program released the numbers from last week’s eighth annual trail count. Volunteers staffed count stations along the Guadalupe River Trail, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Los Alamitos Creek Trail, and the Three Creeks Trail. People using the planned Five Wounds Trail were also counted. Guadalupe River Trail 1,082 people were read more » Continue reading »

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Need help in San Jose for bike photo project next week

Hi all, Lady Fleur, Cowgirl Bike Courier and Cyclelicious will team up next Thursday evening to shoot photos of people with bikes as they hold up signs showing why they bike, somewhat akin to this and other similar projects. We’d like to capture the diversity of people who ride bikes around downtown San Jose, including read more » Continue reading »

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San Jose trail survey

Those of you who walk, run, skate or bike on city of San Jose trails might have noticed volunteers with clipboards at nine locations throughout San Jose counting you on this annual trail count day. The city of San Jose has counted trail users ever year since 2007, with a steady increase in use year read more » Continue reading »

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Exchanging toilets for bike space?

Caltrain – the commuter rail service between San Jose and San Francisco – continues to grapple with the crowding issues as ridership continues to grow, some bike advocates are talking about removing toilets from the train to make room for additional bikes. The Caltrain board are seeking public input on what we would like to read more » Continue reading »

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Defensive riding

In my categorization of More Vulnerable Users, tractor trailers are more dangerous than delivery trucks, which are more dangerous than pickups and SUVs, which are more dangerous than cars, which in turn are more dangerous than motorcycles, which are more dangerous bicycles, which are more dangerous than people on foot. The higher you are on read more » Continue reading »

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San Jose moving forward with sidewalk riding ban

After cars killed 21 pedestrians in the city of San Jose last year, the San Jose Department of Transportation, under the direction of D3 council member Sam Liccardo, is moving forward with a plan to address the real issue: those doggone sidewalk cyclists. At last night’s “Prioritizing Sidewalks for Pedestrians Pilot Program,” DOT staff received read more » Continue reading »

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Operational and Safety Impacts of Restriping Inside Lanes of Urban Multi-lane Curbed Roadways to 11 Feet or Less to Create Wider Outside Curb Lanes for Bicyclist

That mouthful is the title of the study published by the Florida DOT in 2011 showing that driver’s passing distance of cyclist can depend on the cyclist’s apparent gender and attire. Researcher Tara Goddard was hunting for this and discovered the report is no longer available at the FDOT website, so I’ve now archived the read more » Continue reading »

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