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Author Archives: Richard Masoner

That tree under Montague Expressway

During one of our rainstorms over this past week this tree became wedged under Montague Expressway on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, California. Some guy says he totally could have bypassed that with his mountain bike. The water drained by this morning, and this is what the water obscured. San Jose Trails has read more » Continue reading »

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Last San Jose Bike Train of 2014

Rain is maybe forecast for Wednesday morning. Conditions on the Guadalupe River Trail are challenging from Santa Clara Street south, and at Montague Expressway. Note this tree, for example, wedged across the entire undercrossing at Montague Expressway. As of this morning, the trail is clear north of Santa Clara Street, past the airport, under Highway read more » Continue reading »

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Should I wash my bike?

This is my bike this morning. It’s filthy with mud from my cyclocross skills drills commute this morning. The trails I use for my commute will remain muddy and debris laden through the rest of this week, with more rain likely this afternoon, and possible through Wednesday afternoon. As an apartment dweller it’s kind of read more » Continue reading »

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Waze to create a better world for me and you. But mostly for me.

Modern disruptive innovations based around mobile technology applications implicitly promise a move towards the “pure” capitalism theorized by (paradoxically) 19th century economists. Informed consumers can theoretically compete more effectively on price. But what happens when the commodity — in this case, road space — is free? The photo above shows beach traffic in the city read more » Continue reading »

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What’s going on in District 7?

I attended yesterday’s vigil for victims of traffic violence yesterday at San Jose City Hall. Representatives from San Jose DOT, Transform, California Walks and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition came to listen to those who lost loved ones to automobiles. Jaime Fearer of California Walks prepared this map showing San Jose traffic fatalities for 2014. read more » Continue reading »

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Thursday forecast: PRs and KOMs if the widowmakers don’t get you

Everybody’s talking about the Flash Flood and High Wind Warnings for the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you see what I see in the Thursday hourly forecast for San Jose, California? This chart shows a prediction for 30 MPH winds from the south beginning at about 6 AM, but the rain probably won’t begin in read more » Continue reading »

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Italian Mob Death Threats vs the All Powerful Bike Lobby

You might remember the Mayor of Rome, Italy, Dr. Ignazio Marino (formerly of Philadelphia), is an avid bike commuter. His daily bike commute apparently creates headaches for his chief of security, Giuseppe Pecoraro, who urges the mayor to ride in a car with police protection. #175378190 / Car Crazy Rome Rome, with a car read more » Continue reading »

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California: Bill to require rear-facing flashing white lights for bikes

Newly minted Assembly Member Kansen Chu, who represents a big chunk of Alameda and Santa Clara Counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, introduced a bill that would mandate rear-facing flashing white lights for bicycles operated at night. Yes, really. Alternatively, the cyclists may wear reflective gear in place of the light. Under California law, read more » Continue reading »

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Architecture to encourage cycling

Dr. Steven Fleming works to make bicycles the inspiration for architects that cars were during the twentieth-century. In today’s ArchDaily architecture journal, Fleming discusses 10 ways architects can design for bicycles to move cities forward. #93359372 / Fleming reminds that New York City was designed for walking when planners began modernizing for the future read more » Continue reading »

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Two-way cycletrack for San Jose CA?

After community feedback from the public in a larger discussion about better bike facilities on the east side of San Jose, California, SJDOT engineers are apparently considering a two way cycletrack to allow southbound cyclists on Sunset Avenue to legally cross Story Road to Hopkins Drive. Sunset Avenue provides a north-sound connection across I-680 free read more » Continue reading »

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