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Author Archives: Richard Masoner

Levi’s launches cycling apparel for women

Four years after Levi’s introduced their Commuter line of cycling-specific jeans and other clothing for men and one year after I tweeted about their plans, Levi’s announced their Commuter apparel for women. Levi’s Commuter jeans, shorts and jacket feature lightweight, breathable fabrics. Stretch allows freedom of movement and comfort, while reinforced stitching and fabric at read more » Continue reading »

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Betabrand women’s bike commuter apparel for 2015

You might know Betabrand for their fleece “dress slacks” and YouTube ads for their awesomely obnoxious disco pants, but did you know this San Francisco clothing manufacturer has been selling practical urban cycling apparel since at least 2010? A woman’s cycling pant was added in 2012, and they’ve continued to expand their women’s bike-to-work clothing read more » Continue reading »

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Frances Willard rode a bicycle

March is Women’s History Month. Yesterday, we met Annie Londonderry, who cycled around the world in 1894. Today, we’ll look briefly at suffragist Frances Willard. As president of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), she developed the slogan “Do Everything” to encourage women to lobby, petition, preach and publish on a wide variety of issues read more » Continue reading »

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Una Bici Más

“Una Bici Más,” Seen at the 4th Annual World Bicycle Forum at Medelin, Colombia last weekend. More bike stuff under the photo. View image | Ford experiments with multi-modal smart mobility. Goodyear branded bike tires make a comeback, more or less. Krpytonite WheelNutz. Thumbs up to those crazy winter cyclists in Hartford, CT. Iowa read more » Continue reading »

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Annie Cohen Kopchovsky biked around the world

March is Women’s History Month, when bike bloggers quote Susan B. Anthony ( bicycling “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world”) and temperance reformer Frances Willard, who used bicycling as a metaphor for control over her destiny. Their achievements are notable, but let’s talk about the first woman to wheel read more » Continue reading »

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I’m not dead yet

Earlier this week, I hinted at a post with this title for Thursday, which never happened. This is as far as I got: I ride a bike everyday, and nothing ever happens to me. The Plan Goes Awry I meant to expand on this thought by pointing out that although the close calls and harassments read more » Continue reading »

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Leonard Nimoy rode a bicycle

Leonard Nimoy rode a bicycle.

Nimoy explains that riding a bicycle is the logical thing to do in this video.


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Electric skateboard regulation for California

The state of California currently prohibits electric skateboards from all public roads and sidewalks. California AB-604 modifies the California vehicle code to legalize and regulate operation of electric skateboards in the Golden State. Much of the language is lifted straight from the vehicle that regulates the operation of bicycles, such as: “A person operating an read more » Continue reading »

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Familiarity breeds carelessness

I am a risk averse ninny, and I ride a bike. When I began Cyclelicious ten years ago, many bike advocacy groups told us that every trip on two wheels requires advanced mapping, pre-rides, suiting up, carbo-loading, hydration, armor plating, a doctor’s note, next-of-kin notification, and a healthy dose of fear. Partly in response to read more » Continue reading »

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Make a bike video, win a laptop or a camera

Magix Fastcut quickly and easily slurps video from your action camera, mixes it with pre-defined effects and transformations timed to music, and exports automatically to YouTube. Submit the resulting one minute video to the #JustCutIt contest, and you just might win the ASUS Zenbook™ UX301LA ultrabook laptop computer, or a Nilox F60 EVO Action Camera. read more » Continue reading »

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