The Making of the Kryptonite Messenger Collection – Part 1

Check out behind the scenes footage of the development of Kryptonite’s Messenger Collection.

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Bikeable Zoo

zoo2Let’s be real here…this is NOT going to happen, but sometimes design firms have too many workers and need to keep them occupied, so they pitch ideas that tend to be a little far-fetched. Maybe I’m being overly cynical here, but let’s entertain the idea of this project regardless. The Danish design firm BIG pitched a concept for overhauling the current zoo in Givskund, Denmark. In this redesign, they have spectators viewing the animals in a more direct manner, but with less perceived intrusion. One way they do this is by having people riding in, what look like, bubble bikes, with a mirrored surface so the people can’t be seen by the animals.

My first thought when I saw this design was, “Have you ever seen an animal look at itself in the mirror?” That never turns out good. I can imagine a primate or other predator animal feeling threatened by the reflection and attacking the bubble bikes, knocking them over and pounding the crap out of them. But hey, that will be an animal encounter a young child will never forget.

Then there are the mechanical issues. What happens with flat tires, broken chains, operators ignoring the red lights of the jungle and speeding through a herd’s attempt at an enclosed stampede?

Ok, I kid. Let’s look at the pictures of the Jetson’s bikes we’ll be riding in the future.

Via AnimalNewYork

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Effetto Mariposa bicycle tire sealant and inflater

Cantitoe Road is a small importer and distributor of specialty products for bicycles. They sent me a sample of the “Espresso” bicycle tube inflator and sealant that they import from Effetto Mariposa (“the Butterfly Effect”) in Italy.

Effetto Mariposa sealant and inflator

You can buy the cartridge alone or in a kit with the bottle cage mount, which firmly and unobtrusively holds the cartridge in place. It looks bulky compared to frame pumps, but in two weeks of riding I’ve never bumped a foot or leg into this, and the cartridge hasn’t budged in spite of curb hops and bumpy roads.

I finally had opportunity to test the sealant this morning when I went off road to explore a homeless trail behind the Costco on Coleman Avenue in Santa Clara. I searched for a way to cross the Caltrain tracks under De La Cruz Avenue. I found numerous goathead thorns in both of my tires. Bah.

Bah.  Goatheads.

I kept the thorns in place to keep the holes plugged and managed another five miles before the front tire became too soft to ride. I quickly slid the inflator onto the bicycle tube valve (Presta only; this doesn’t work on Schraeder valves), and pressed the button to watch foamy latex fly all over the place.

I then looked at the pictorial instructions a little more carefully and noted the part where I’m supposed to hold the plastic tube in place on the valve. I couldn’t hold phone, the tube, and press the inflator button simultaneously so there’s no video, but I successfully sealed and inflated the tire on this second go around. In spite of my minor beginner’s mishap, there was still plenty of pressure and sealant to seal and partially inflate both tires. This product is super easy to use.

I inflated the front tire to about 60 lbs with this canister, and had enough left over to inject sealant into my rear tire. I topped both tires with the frame pump and went on my merry way.

The latex used inside is the same stuff used to seal tubeless setups. It’s moderately messy — you don’t want to use this indoors — but cleans up quickly and easily. I got some on my hands but it rubs right off after it dries. Still, it beats the mess of removing tire and tube from a bike to patch or replace the holey tube.

I suspect the liquid latex doesn’t do well in below freezing temperatures, so the icebikers who read Cyclelicious may consider storing this in an inside pocket while riding.

The stuff is pricey at $15 a can, but I can see it coming in handy if you’re in a hurry or riding in darkness or inclement weather and just want to get going. I recommend it and I plan to buy another can to replace what I used this morning.

Many of the usual bike shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Santa Cruz carry Cantitoe Road products, although I don’t know which stock the Espresso sealant canister. See the full dealer listing here. Cantitoe Road also sells direct through the Internet. They have a number of other cool products that I plan to look at in the near future.

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Wedding via Subway

One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world got married last month on my birthday! Leanne and Dan got hitched at city hall in NYC, and the obvious best way for them to get there was via subway. 

Public transit. Facilitates love. 

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Soma Wolverine 700c Adventure Frameset


soma-wolverine-adventure-touring-frame-set-3.gif The Soma Wolverine is a 700c adventure frameset — call it a gravel grinder, call it a monster-cross bike, call it whatever you’d like but it’s yet another entry into the non-racer offroad capable road bike. The $600 frameset has full chromoly tubing, with a matching lugged Tange chromoly fork. The frame is disc specific, has clearance for 45 mm tires, an English threaded bottom bracket, and has rear rack and fender mounts all around. The sliding dropouts make it derailleur or internally hub geared, or single speed compatible, and are split for Gates Carbon belt drive compatibility. The sliders are compatible with aftermarket Paragon sliders if you’re looking to run a Rohloff hub. Pretty great looking frameset, I can see many miles upon such a build. See more or order direct at

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BikeTrails by STOPNOWHERE™ from STOPNOWHERE on Vimeo.

BikeTrails is a ride diary by STOPNOWHERE, but instead of just being a traditional log, it’s also a way to engage with a larger BikeTrails community online, challenging each other in a Strava-like way, but with a more analog approach.

BikeTrails can be purchased for approximately $26 here.

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Idaho to Oregon: The Final Days

IDAHO TO OREGON : THE FINAL DAYS from Kate Dougherty on Vimeo.

Ben Towill and friends rode from Colorado to Oregon, documenting the trip along the way. I’m digging the 70s surf movie feel of their videos, this final piece being the last leg of the trip, concentrating more on the details of riding rather than the journey itself. Towill explains the reason behind this ride along parts of the TransAmerican Bike Trail,

I am riding for a New York charity called Just Food, an organization working to make NYC a healthier place to live and eat, and will be working with them on their Youth Community Chefs program.These inspiring young people are participating in urban farming and gardening initiatives and then sharing their knowledge of and passion for good food with their neighbors.

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Summer Time Flies…

The summer is flying by! I can't believe I'll be back in the studio teaching in 2ish weeks, but until then, I'll continue having the maximum fun. 

Like riding to dinner. 

And enjoying a board meet at Cory Christopher's.

Went to Arcade Fire.

My kids are growing up so quickly! Look at Alice here, obsessed with making fart noises with the door stopper thingy. 

Also, the mosquitoes are out. So far the summer has been pretty good with respect to the biters, but a big rain a few weeks ago and… mosquitoes. Lots of them. They love me, I get bitten despite my precautions, and I swell. 

Look at my bitten hand versus non bitten hand!

Then, my wonderful friend Rosie came to town with her baby, Theo!

 We all took the train to the market. 3 adults to 3 children was delightful.

And here are the two Chiveson ladies. 

We got the kids some waffles.

Alice is really into playing "mommy" these days.

 And my neighbours ordered an epic slip and slide for the kids to enjoy. It was so sweet, the older kids were very caring for the smaller babies. Tallulah and Zoe initiated Alice into the Belgravia girls club with some slide coaching - Love this photo!

 In the 'hood, out and about...

 A summer of pedalling and coasting!

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The Story of the ShurSave Bike Racks

Will-Simmons-letter-to-Shursave-620x878From BikePGH:

I do my grocery shopping by bicycle probably seven months out of the year and it’s a total bummer that I have to lock it to literally the only thing available – the one section of closed cart gate still remaining.

Read more.

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NYTimes: Memorializing Traffic Deaths With An Aritist’s Touch

05jpGHOST1-master675 Last week the New York Times published an article about a group of artists memorializing pedestrian and cyclist traffic deaths with sidewalk stencils. Worth the read, Memorializing Traffic Deaths With an Artist’s Touch.

“Instead of just saying Seth died here, this is where something terrible happened, those wings are saying Seth is flying by, Seth lives here,” said his mother, Debbie Kahn, who watched the image being created. “It’s also a warning: Be aware, be careful, life is precious.”

Read the complete article at

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