Beach Street Bikeway

A pair of cyclists ride down the Beach Street bikeway in front of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk during the Light Up the Night bike ride in Santa Cruz, California Friday night.

Beach Street bikeway.

View the complete set of photos from last night’s ride at

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Parka Never Looked Better

Parka's don't have a great fashion reputation. But biking on a frosty Copenhagen day its not only...

For the full photographic glory and the rest of the text, you know where to go. The Original Cycle Chic awaits.
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Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition Action Camera

Buy this this $250 Polaroid Action Camera for only $95. You have until midnight USA Pacific Time to grab this camera at this price.

Typical online price is closer to $200, and I believe this is an earlier 2013 edition of the camera, but half price still seems like a good deal. I’ve seen decent reviews for this sports camera and have considered buying it for myself. Features include 1080p, very low light performance, waterproof to 10 meters, 170 degree wide angle lens, comes with handlebar and helmet mounts. This is the top selling action camera at It’s not quite as good as a GoPro in my opinion, but for under a C note I think it’s worth it.

Purchase the Polaroid EX1000 Extreme Edition Action Camera here.

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Tonight in Santa Cruz: Light up the night bike ride

Meet all of the cool kids tonight at this Light Up the Night Bike Ride beginning at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History in downtown.

Santa Cruz Light up the Night ride January 30 2015

Show up at 5 PM for a bike decorating party, with free lights and giveaways. Those under 18 are invited to participate with this signed waiver. Prizes for brightest bike, brightest rider, and costumes.

The ride kicks off at 7 PM.

Sorry for the late notice: I knew about this ride but the date snuck up on me.

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BSNYC Friday (No) Fun (No) Quiz!

Let's talk menses.

On numerous occasions I've mentioned Sustainable Cycles, and here's what they're about:

Sustainable Cycles works to catalyze a grassroots, person-to-person revolution away from single-use, disposable menstrual products to reusable, sustainable options.   We want as many women to make the switch as possible, and for users to become advocates – “spokeswomen” – in their communities.  We see our work as a feminist, social, and environmental justice project.

Now I'm going to put this in bicycle terms for you.  You know how when you keep trashing headset bearings and after awhile you just say "Screw it" and buy a Chris King, and voilà, you don't have to futz with your headset anymore?  Well, it's the same with menstrual products.  Why keep flushing tampons down the terlet when you can get yourself a top-quality reusable menstrual cup?

Just don't mistake it for one of those eye bath things, because eeew.

(It's perfectly fine to use them for tequila shots though, owing to the antiseptic properties of the liquor.)

So Sustainable Cycles is embarking upon a cross-country bicycle trip to promote their cause, which is sensible menses curation:

And so they're passing the hat (or, more accurately, the cup) around for donations:

So why am I, a male (genetically at least), so enthusiastic about this?  Well, here's why:

1) I spent a lot of time on the beach as a child.  In fact, you could even say I grew up on the beach, which is why I have to go to the dermatologist every six months now and get dysplastic nevi cut out of me.  Anyway, when I used to play in the sand I'd always find these plastic tube things which I'd pretend were boats, pipes, telescopes, or what have you.  "How convenient that the beach is strewn with toys!," I used to think, and it wasn't until many years later that I realized they were tampon applicators.  Sure, I suppose those tampon applicators sparked my imagination and made me who I am today, but I also think my children should be spared the indignity of having to play with feminine hygiene products;

2) I've had it up to here [indicates top of head] with all these fundraising campaigns for bullshit like this, nor do I care about the latest SRAM wireless electronic shifting group or some overpriced plastic "gravel" bike designed by the legal legal department at Specialized, and I especially don't care about stuff like raising money for junior bike racers to compete, since encouraging kids to race bikes is about as productive as locking them in their rooms with a bong and a Monster Magnet record.  This, however, is a worthy cause;

3) The whole menstrual cup thing just makes sense to me.  After all, you don't drink out of paper cups at home, do you?  Of course not!  You use washable glasses.  So why should menstruating be any different?  It's just common sense!  Basically, menstrual cups are the same as drinking glasses, except instead of drinking from them you stick them in you vagina.

I rest my case.

Meanwhile, in non-menstrual news, a New York City cyclist is fighting a ticket for riding on a marked bike path in Central Park:

Back in November, a cyclist riding on the 96th Street path in Central Park was pulled over by a police officer wearing a bike helmet. The cyclist’s offense: riding on the 96th Street path, which was designated as a shared bike and pedestrian path in 2012. The officer issued a criminal court summons for disobeying a sign, next to a sign that clearly marked the path as open to bicycles.

Criminal court summons for doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing on a bicycle?  That sounds about right.  Police have been cracking down on cyclists ever since a pedestrian was killed there last fall.  There is a silver lining in the crackdown though, which is this:

“I know several large tri clubs have completely left the park as of late October, and they’re looking for alternatives for completely riding indoors next year, even during the summer,” said Mikael Hanson of the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club.

Triathletes relegating themselves to the indoors all year round?!?  That's almost too good to be true!  Maybe there is a God after all.  High five, God!

("Don't mention it.")

If I were mayor I would fully subsidize any triathlon club who promised to ride exclusively indoors--where the worst they can do is this:

I'm not sure if he's actually a triathlete, but he does have aerobars and a Gran Fondo New York jersey, which is basically the same thing.

Not only would I subsidize these clubs, but I'd also buy each rider a $17,000 Eddy Merckx limited edition bicycle:

Eddy Merckx Cycles, the eponymous brand of arguably the world's greatest cyclist, is returning to its roots with steel racing bikes. The first batch will be a limited-edition run of EDDY70 machines. Sold online for US$17,500 / €14,000 a piece, there will by 70 numbered EDDY70 bikes, of which the man himself will get number one. But these aren't just retro bikes, the company insists.

What better way to say "Happy Birthday" to the cyclist who only got caught doping three times than by giving him a fuckload of money for one of his bicycles?

It's easy, too!  In fact, it's eerily like choosing a seat on a Jet Blue flight:

I'd have bought one myself, but unfortunately my preferred number was taken:

And I'm pretty certain I know who ordered it.  Here are a three hints:

--He's a retired sprinter;
--He rides shirtless;
--He's unwittingly ingested dozens of menstrual cups.

Give up?

It's this guy:

He's as classy as they come.

Lastly, before I go, I'm sorry for not administering a quiz, so by way of an apology here's some more triathlete crash porn:

Don't mention it.

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San Jose Bike Train – One year old next week!

Come join us next Wednesday, February 4, 2015 for the first year anniversay of San Jose Bike Train!


San Jose Bike Train’s first ride took place one year ago next Wednesday, and I thank all of those who have joined in, brought snacks and treats, and helped to lead rides. I hope San Jose Bike Train inspires you to encourage people to try commuting by bike in your area.

San Jose Bike Train is a casually paced group ride every first and third Wednesday of the month. We ride from Diridon Station near downtown San Jose beginning shortly after 8 AM for destinations north along the Guadalupe River Trail. Pre-rides to Diridon from the Curtner Avenue Park-and-Ride and Tamien Park-and-Ride are available but you must RSVP by 6 PM the day before if you would like a ride partner.

Workplaces along the way include the Santa Clara County buildings, SJC Airport, and all of the office parks along North First Street Street in San Jose. We stop for coffee at Bel Bacio Caffe in Little Italy (hopefully a brief stop, but it doesn’t always turn out that way).

Even if you don’t work in North San Jose, I’d love if you could join us at Bel Bacio for a quick meet and greet next Wednesday at 8:10 AM. Bel Bacio is tucked between Highway 87, the Guadalupe River Trail, Julian Street and West Saint John Street next to Henry’s Hi Life in Little Italy. You can access the caffe directly from the trail by crossing through a little brick paved piazza. Consider placing your coffee order ahead of arrival via the website or the Order Ahead app.

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Bicycle action figures

In America, we can buy action figures for superheroes, soldiers of fortune, anthropomorphized turtles, and Legos.

In Japan, they sell character action figures on bicycles. Local bicycling otaku Jill Q (2013 Bike Commuter of the Year for Santa Clara County California) found this figma for Yuusuki Makishima, a teen cyclist from “Yowamushi Pedal,” a popular anime about the adventures of high school competetive road cycling in Japan.

yuusuke makishima yowamushi pedal action figure

Goku, the other-worldly heroic protagonist of “Dragon Ball,” rides a miniature folding bicycle with drop bars in this action figure.

Goku Dragon Ball rides a folding bicycle

This PVC model of Aokiji Kuzan on a biycle from the anime “One Piece” isn’t really an action figure, but he does have limited mobility for some posing options. If you ever even saw an American G.I. Joe manly man action figure around a bicycle, would anyone even consider a step-through frame like this?

Aokiji Kuzan on a bicycle

Finally, this plastic model of bike-riding time traveler Suzuha Amane from “Steins Gate” astride her Bianchi mountain bike in a fan-servicy pose stands a foot tall and is available for (*gulp!*) $170.

suzuha amane mountain bike

You can pre-order Yuusuke from Otakumode for (gasp) $62 American, with availability in July 2015. For Goku, Aokiji and Suzuha, click on the images for purchase through Amazon, of which Cyclelicious is an affiliate.

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Rebellion is a dish best served lukewarm.

(If you say so.)

Have you ever woken up in the morning determined to take life by the balls, only to realize that life is a woman and she owns you completely, at which point you surrender in short order?

Me too.

Still, that doesn't stop us all from pretending we're heroes in our own personal narratives, or that we have any measure of control over the vicissitudes of existence.  Take the videos of Lucas Brunelle, daredevil cinematographer and expert bike handler:

He and Benny Zenga have collabo-ated on yet another video, this one entitled "Road Sage," to which I was alerted by the latter party:

I think you'll enjoy this one. 

Advanced perspective transcendent urban cycling -or- suicidal tendencies cyco-vision. At any rate, it’s a nudge to forgo being a spectator and go for a bike ride.



ROAD SAGE from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

And which, mere moments before press time, seems to have mysteriously and inconveniently disappeared after I went through the trouble of taking screenshots and everything:

I cannot stand the smug error messages you get from websites.  "Sorry, there seems to be like a problem, dude.  We're totally working on it and stuff."  Fuck you.  I especially can't stand them when they suggest that something I watched with my own goddamn eyes just moments ago may not have ever existed, because that's both flippant and Orwellian.

This didn't happen back when we used VHS, even if we did have to constantly futz with the tracking.

Anyway, the video starts thusly:

If I may offer the filmmakers a word of advice, you should really stop with the whole dictionary definition opening title thing, because it's trite:

trite adjective \ˈtrīt\
: not interesting or effective because of being used too often : not fresh or original

In fact, the above descriptor applies to the entire video, which could be why they deleted it.  Predictably, it features all the usual hallmarks of Lucas Brunelle's work.  There's the skitching:

The obligatory "Ooh, they ran a light in front of a cop, take that, system!" clip:

The "elbowing your way through a yellow cab Malachi Crunch like a dumbass" maneuver:

And of course the ever-present car-and-truck touching:

Yes, always with the touching:

It's like they're priests and the cars are little boys.

(There's a good word to describe that joke, by the way...)

Of course, before you fondle a motor vehicle you should always engage in a bit of foreplay.  For example, try mounting the sidewalk:

Skidding in front of an elderly pedestrian:

And then groping the bus:

He sure showed that old guy and that bus who wears the "jorts" around there.

Speaking of urban cycling clichés, there's even fixed-gear freestyle, which means Brunelle must have been sitting on some stale footage from 2008:

To be perfectly honest I kind of miss fixed-gear freestyling.  Those people used to get sooo defensive when you'd tell them how stupid it was, and somehow they managed to live in complete denial of both BMX and artistic cycling for a good year or two.  Then, all of a sudden, they all gave up and bought road bikes--though evidence of the "sport" lives on in videos made by aging people struggling to remain relevant, like this one.

Nevertheless, you've got to give Brunelle credit, because he's the undisputed master of petty rebellion porn:


Check out these duders falling all over themselves in traffic like a bunch of Cat 5s (probably because most alleycat racers are Cat 5s):

And thrill to this flagrant salmoning:

At this point I started getting bored, so I skipped ahead to some of the rider interviews, and those made my brain hurt so I gave up.

Now the video's gone.


Speaking of adrenaline-charged thrill rides, a reader informed me of this commercial for the 577-horsepower Mercedes AMG Über-Teutonic SpörtzVagen complete with MILF-Drive and Wank-O-Tronik paddle shifters:

Which the woman in the commercial uses to get to a spin class:

You'd think that if you wanted some exercise on a lovely autumn day you could just ride a bike outside instead of driving to an indoor spin class.  Then again, the roads are probably too dangerous for that, thanks to all those rich suburbanites rushing to spin class in their supercharged luxury cars.

I think you call that "irony."

As for me, you won't find me in spin class.  I do exercise inside though, and I've been using this workout to good effect (via another reader):


Laughter is good for the core.

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War On Cars

Cyclelicious has been bringing you a near daily collection of cycling and transportation related news, opinions and tidbits since 2005. Watch for this week’s roundup below the photo of the Syrian rebel fighter on a bike.

Please participate in this call to action to allow cycling across the Mojave Desert in California, which is currently restricted.

WaPo WonkBlog: The myth of the American love affair with cars.

You all heard of Boris Johnson’s plans for Europe’s longest bicycle superhighway. London taxi drivers consider a legal challenge to those plans.

A Livable Streets Council District 4 candidates forum for the city of Los Angeles.

Today was winter bike to work day in Boulder, CO.

San Jose SOFA First Friday walking tour of SOFA coming up on February 6, 2015.

A fanboy stalks Bill Nye’s 1982 Bianchi Pista and posts the photos online.

Washington state Senator Curtis King wants to toll cyclists on the 520 bridge bike path.

Putting this on my to-read list: Apartment living with bicycles.

bike thief bike review

Bike thief leaves positive review of the victim’s bike

Virginia transportation funding rules means projects to create more livable streets can’t be funded.

Upstate New York Mayor says winter cyclists should be arrested as a “clear and present danger.” Good grief.

Bike lanes maybe on tap for Indianapolis.

Swastikas and racist epithets spray painted on bike paths in Northhampton, MA.

My bike buddy Lady Fleur will speak about Bike to Shop Day at the Bike Summit coming up in May.

Quick note: San Jose Bike Train will be one year old next week. Please plan to join the ride on Wednesday morning if you can!

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When is a bike jersey a stick of anti-perspirant?

I’ve been experimenting with’s sales information, which lists the top sellers for various categories such as women’s cycling apparel. Because this data mining is automated, I sometimes see weird things. Check out, for example, the top seller under the category “Women’s Cycling Jersey.”

Donna Karan women's cycling jersey?

That stick of $30 deoderant seems to be an outlier, but I see a number of miscategorized items in Amazon’s reports of top selling cycling apparel for women in various categories. Admittedly, a lot of cycling apparel, such as this top selling winter glove for “men”, are unisex.

Amazon also has a product category they call Women’s Athletic Dresses. When I see “athletic dresses,” I think of one piece outfits designed for freedom of movement, casual outdoor wear and probably wicking fabric such as this Columbia Prima Agua Dress or this prAna Quinn Dress. The top selling athletic dress according to Amazon is this tight, lacy evening dress.

I have to drop down to number 5 on the list to find the first product that matches the category, so I’ll probably drop this athletic dress category from my cycling & athletic apparel list.

One more important tip regarding these top sellers: popularity does not necessarily mean quality. Today’s top selling cycling glove — this eight dollar winter glove that claims to work with touchscreen devices — apparently falls apart. Several of these items ship straight from China, so pay attention to the size notes and read the online reviews before purchasing!

Click here to see top selling women’s cycling and athletic apparel as reported by Amazon. Let me know if there are other categories you would like to see.

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