I Love Riding in the City – Mohamed Shalaby

moNAME: Mohamed Shalaby

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
I live in Newark, New Jersey and I’m proud to call it home. A Jersey boy at heart I love riding around my city and taking in all of its sites and history. I find it cool to ride past locations that I have seen in various movies. For example Rounders staring Matt Damon and Find me Guilty staring Vin Diesel are two of my favorite movies that were filmed in areas that I ride past every day. Passing by such places often gets me thinking about all of the different possibilities that life has to offer. Anyway in terms of safety I find Newark to be quite safe because people generally respect bike riders and keep their distance when they spot a biker on the road. Besides everything else already mentioned the geography of the area offers a great variety of flat stretches of land, hills and parks that are lot of fun to ride

What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?
My favorite city to ride in is New York City. Whether cruising up or down one of its many bike lanes, streets, or avenues there is always something new to take in. Riding in NYC is like eating a really good piece of apple pie. You have to use all five of your senses or your surly to miss something special and fun. I especially love riding on the 12 plus mile bike lane/trail that starts on the Westside of downtown New York City and ends all the way up in the city of Inwood. Whether your young or old the buzz of the city and the good vibes of the people will motivate you to keep pedaling onwards no matter how tired you feel. Basically, I love NYC energy.

Why do you love riding in the city?
I love riding in the city because things are always moving and changing. Either your keeping up with things or your getting left behind. I live for the push and every time I ride I look forward to pushing myself harder than all the other elements racing against the wind.

Or just say whatever you want about riding in the city… Poetry anyone?
I rode last night on lighting and we rode yesterday morning on sunshine.
We still ride every second of every day don’t we?
Like rays of light we traveled in time and met somewhere past the finish line.
Even though along the way somebody got a flat everything was ok.
Strangers helped one another that day and became friends forever plus one more day.
So this is the end, you get your bike and I’ll get mine and I’ll race you to the start of new beginnings.

Check out http://tbs101.blogspot.com

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The Impossible Length of Autumn Bicycle Shadows

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The Impossible Length of Autumn Bicycle Shadows

It's that season again. We're transitioning into winter. It's hard to describe Nordic light. It...

For the full photographic glory and the rest of the text, you know where to go. The Original Cycle Chic awaits.
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3 is a Cycling Crowd

Even though people always want more space more and more cycle paths offer space for 3 people...

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WOHO Ghost Bike Grips and Handlebar Tape

WOHO Ghost GripsWOHO has updated their lineup with two new ways to keep your hands on the bars. Both feature their latest graphics, which depict skulls and lightning bolts. Very metal, indeed.

The grips will be pretty familiar to anyone who’s used lock-on grips in the past. They’ve got aluminum clamps, 3 mm hex screws and a hard plastic core. The grip portion is thick and soft, with deep indentations around the graphics, making them very grippy. They’re comfortable, though some people with smaller hands may find that they prefer a thinner grip. I’m surprised WOHO missed the opportunity to brand the bar plugs with a logo, though. Measurements are 5.18″ x 1.3″ x 1.3″, they come in red, blue, black or white, and they retail for $16.49.

DSC_2479DSC_2478The EVA foam bar tape is also pretty standard, but it’s nice, thick and of course features an adhesive backing. In addition to pink monogrammed bar plugs and vinyl tape to finish the wrap, they include two extra strips for behind the brake lever clamps. The graphics are printed, so expect them to wear away with use. The tape measures 190 X 3 cm and retails for $15.49.

Check out www.wohobike.com

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Those bright kids over at ICNY have teamed up with Speedvagen to offer this limited edition reflective shirt emblazoned with the Speedvagen race vehicle, in expected 3M reflectivity.

Purchase it here for $50. Remember, it’s limited edition, as in only 50 to be made, so get it before it’s gone.

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Change petition for California 3 feet passing law

Crossing the centerline to pass

When California Assembly Member Steven Bradford originally authored the 3 foot bill that is now on the books as California Vehicle Code 21760, he included a provision to allow motorists to cross the double yellow line when passing cyclists.

The original bill read (in part):

The driver of a motor vehicle on a two-lane highway may drive to the left of [double parallel solid yellow lines, etc] to pass a person operating a bicycle proceeding in the same direction ….

The 2012 version of this 3 foot passing bill also contained this exception. Governor Jerry Brown called out this yellow line exception as the reason for his veto, and promised to veto this bill yet again unless this exception was removed.

Bradford amended his bill, both houses passed AB 1371, Brown signed it, and “3 Feet for Safety” became law this year.

In response to the death of Matthew O’Neill at the hands of a careless driver in August 2014, his friends posted a Change.org petition that asks the state legislature and Governor to change the 3 foot passing law to allow motorists to cross the solid yellow line when passing a cyclist. As was previously communicated to Governor Brown’s office, several states allow this exception.

Crossing the solid yellow line to pass cyclists on the road can be executed safely and is already a common practice for drivers when police aren’t watching. The same goes for drivers who pass stopped post office and delivery vehicles, fallen trees, dead animals, and even the occasional pedestrian or jogger. This proposal is good sense and needed.

Sign the petition here. As of this writing 900 people have signed, with 700 more needed to present this to the legislature and the Governor’s office.

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Bicycle action camera, 1940-1949

“Man demonstrates small camera for taking secret pictures from a bicycle basket.”

From the British Pathé collection, which has dozens of historical films featuring bike, among the tens of thousands on every topic imaginable.

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East Bay Bike Party: Coal in your stocking you naughty kids

The volunteers who organize the monthly East Bay Bike Party announced no ride for December 2014, citing a “a general decline in civility at our bike parties.”

East Bay Bike Party WoS

Like any large event, EBBP organizers have struggled to balance the diversity and chaotic fun that’s so much a part of cycling with the fact that any large event has an impact on the neighbors. They consistently announce rules asking participants to follow the rules of the road and to not be complete jackasses on their bikes.

In spite of these efforts, Bike Party organizers say they have seen an increase in bad behavior such as attacks on motorists, property destruction, threats directed at volunteers, theft of bicycles and personal gear, disregard for music volume limits in residential areas, offensive and exclusionary misogynistic music, and littering.

Because of this increasingly hostile environment, organizers say that artistic expression of themes and female participation has decreased.

East Bay Bike Party organizers have canceled the December ride, and ask regular participants “to reflect on Bike Party’s values and in turn, increase your appreciation, participation, and commitment to East Bay Bike Party.”

San Jose Bike Party has similar problems, and I’ve personally limited my own participation at SJBP because of the rampant drinking, drug use, and overtly offensive music. I’m thrilled at the wide demographic represented at SJBP, and I can appreciate the free, libertarian attitude that prevails at Bike Party, but too many take this license as an opportunity to go nuts and never mind about the impact they have on people around them.

Read the East Bay Bike Party announcement here.

Thank you to to David Coldiron for the heads up.
East Bay Bike Party photo CC NC-BY-SA by Wilson Tai.

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Rap Battle – NSFW

This has been around the block…but it’s good for a few more spins. Surely the creators are working on an urban version?

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